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The Space Mission






journey to space – onboard the teeki starship

Teeki is igniting a cosmic light for our family of supporters and as a symbol of conscious unity we are launching positive intentions into one of “Name a Star Live!’s” spacecraft! Teeki will be blasting off 8 special edition hot pants along with your sacred intentions that reflect our hope for a better planet into Space. Those intentions will become a supernova of positivity, love, healing and blessings raining across the luminous body we call our universe, yet the hot pants will journey back to earth returning enchanted and astronomically blessed.

A shift has taken place within the human way, acknowledging that while each wandering star has its purpose, we are returning to the divine source as ONE. Count Down with Teeki as we celebrate life in this new adventure of the vast unknown, outer space

a cosmic odyssey: why journey to space?

Teeki has joined up in supporting the exploration of outer space because ultimately it is about a journey of discovery, sustainability, and making our Planet—our only precious habitat—a better and healthier place to live for all humanity. Space Exploration will lead to a better understanding of our universe and how it impacts the environment, enable the advancement of new ways to harness clean energy, protect the planet from potential threats, produce new scientific advancements, and help in the discovery of new resources so we can give our planet a break.

We fly to space because we love the earth!