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Our Story

Our story starts with a young woman with visions of a beautiful earth and a conscious community of lovers that care for the land, our oceans, and each other. What blossomed from this vision was teeki.

Every breath we breathe is an act of reverence for the privilege to walk this beautiful earth and dance in the life giving air. We are conscious of our actions and the ways in which we can help to preserve all that we are so thankful for. In everything we do, we keep the well being of the planet and each other at the forefront of our focus.

teeki is improving the way the fashion industry does business. teeki respects the land and strives to protect our environment by utilizing conscientious business and manufacturing processes. We carefully explore the Earth in order to source only the highest quality materials that are conflict free, environmentally friendly, safe for all living things, and made using only the best practices. We utilize these practices to participate in our global movement of people using community-centered businesses as a force for good. We are guided by a deeper sense of knowing that prosperity for our earth and its people is possible in our ever-changing world. We have a strong belief in the future and all that we’ll make of it by working as one for the greater good.

Every teeki made is all for this: an undisturbed stretch of land, a sacred space to call home, the reflection of clean water, and a breath of fresh air. We strive to preserve and honor the pure beauty of this earth for all generations to come. Every teeki lover is helping to make this dream a reality.

We thank you for being beautiful earth conscious souls supporting teeki’s growth and vision. When you buy teekis you are supporting the movement towards greener products and a healthier planet. You are the change!

We’re evolving, growing, and innovating. We’re constantly working on shining brighter and coming up with new and better ways to make fun clothing that furthers our collective mission. teeki is a community project, so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear your thoughts.

We love you. We love the earth. We love what we do.

Our Vision of a Beautiful Earth

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Sustainability is based on a simple principle:

Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment. Sustainability means that every day is love the earth day!

Our Sustainable Process

We breathe in oxygen from the green blanketing this earth. We exhale CO2 that will cycle back through that same green earth. We sip water that falls from the sky. We soak in the warmth from our own bright beautiful heater amongst the clouds.

All the beauty and care our earth provides us is what makes this life so lush! Our world is divine, now and forever. This beautiful, magical planet has so many intricate, sacred systems in place to feed us rich delicious oxygen, provide us warmth and light, and cycle our waste back into something we need. Our teeki tribe is so in awe and filled with love and inspiration from this incredible earth. We make it our priority to show love, live this love, and work with love for the earth EVERY DAY.

4 Pillars of sustainability

  • The Environment
  • Our People
  • Beauty, Culture, and Community Vitality
  • Economic health

Using Post-Consumer Materials

Personalized Production

We write you from our warehouse in downtown Los Angeles where we hear the steady hum of sewing machines stitching up your recycled teekis. This is where the magic happens, beauties. This is the physical place where we work with big soul and love power; where we interact with all of you incredible lights to see your joy and your destiny. THIS is our heaven!

Every teeki is hand sewn by our sewing fairies to put extra care into each product. teeki is made in America and we follow all local, state, and national laws for manufacturing. Moreover, we ensure that all companies we source materials from abide by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657).

Unfortunately, not all is at it seems in the fashion world. Our teeki tribe members are working to be leaders for change in a traditionally polluting industry

The process of turning plastic bottles into pants

Step One: Plastic P.E.T. (Polyethylene terephthalate) containers are picked up at community recycling centers, then sorted by type and color.

Step Two: The containers are stripped of their labels, caps, washed, crushed, and then chopped into flakes.

Step Three: The flakes are melted and made into consistently shaped pellets.

Step Four: The pellets undergo a second melting process and are extruded to make fiber. The fiber is crimped, cut, drawn, stretched, then baled.

Step Five: The baled fiber can be processed into fabric for a variety of textile uses and products

Recycled Polyester

Plastic is made from petroleum, a finite resource. It is designed to last, aka not break down. Instead of using virgin polyester to give your yoga pants stretch, we use recycled polyester. ♻

Organic cotton

We source 100% organic cotton for our mixed blend cotton teekis. About 10% of all pesticides in the world are used in cotton production. Organic cotton reduces these impacts significantly.

Water-friendly printing

Our printing is safe for the environment and the worker. It is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable process possible in the garment printing and production industry.

Our printing process

Our precious clean water that millions don’t even have access to is being contaminated by the waste of the fashion industry. This is a leading reason we don’t dye our teekis, but instead, use our own eco printing process. Our process uses 90% less water than the standard fabric printing process and does not result in polluted water waste or ground contamination. Water conservation efforts are a top priority for us, and this printing process is a major win for our water resources!

Our Ink

We strive to use the healthiest inks available to us. We ensure our products don’t use PVC printing inks or contain phthalates. PVC and phthalates are commonly found in inks used for screen-printing T-shirts, posing a potential health and safety concern. We are proud to say, we use inks that are PVC- and phthalate-free.

Textile Treatments

According to the World Bank, 17-20 percent of industrial water pollution is due to textile dyeing and treatment. As part of our eco friendly processing, we don’t do any kind of pre-washing or silicone washing. This saves precious water and eliminates chemical runoff.

Made in California

We love to support our land and where we come from. Where a product is manufactured says a lot about its sustainability. For American residents, products made in the United States travel less distance and therefore have smaller carbon footprint, as well as provide jobs to people living in the U.S. We promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions in our sewing factories, all of which are locally based in sunny California.

teeki is a tribe and we strive to protect the interests of our members. We abide by international human rights and labor laws. All of our products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain and meet all local, state, and national laws for manufacturing.

We are also passionate about producing garments of the highest quality, which is why our sewing factories are local, so we can work together with our manufacturing team to create long lasting products with the perfect fit.

Made with Love

teeki’s intention is to make a difference in the world by creating products and a business based on love and sustainability. We believe in the law of attraction, meaning what you put in is what you get back. Our mantra is to celebrate the Earth and support her thriving in all the ways we can so that, in turn, humanity can love more, evolve, sustain, and thrive.


The life of your teekis

Unique to using P.E.T. and other polyester blends, these garments use less energy over their lifetime compared to other popular fabrics due to emissions generated by upkeep. A high percentage of a garment’s total emissions come from the washing and drying it will require. The upkeep for your recycled P.E.T. teeki pant is far more fuel-efficient since it cleans more easily and dries faster. We recommend hang drying for all of our teekis to ensure a low energy impact over its life cycle.

Product care


How we wash, dry and iron our clothes has a big impact on the environment. By reducing the washing temperature from 60 degrees to 30, one can save 50% of energy use. Hang drying saves 17% of the total climate impact in the lifecycle, and your clothes last longer. Air-drying your clothes can reduce the average household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds a year. That’s half the weight of a whale!

teekis love to be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and hung to dry. We strongly recommend gentle, chemical-free laundry detergent. With this care, you can ensure the longevity of wear and a low impact on the environment throughout the life of your teekis!

Our Promise for Health and Safety

We do extensive testing to ensure our products are safe to wear. Our fabric is TRIPLE certified safe for your body! We set our intention to stay conscious, read labels, and to be aware of what we put in our bodies and take in through our skin, the largest organ in the body!

The health and safety of our teekis:

Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is a common component of certain plastics, which can act as an endocrine disrupter when consumed or absorbed. Our fabric is approved by Bluesign, which has a BPA usage ban for textile finishing.


PVC and phthalates are commonly found in inks used for screen-printing T-shirts, posing a potential health and safety concern. We use inks that are PVC- and phthalate-free.


The fluorochemicals used in most water-repellent finishes and waterproof membranes don’t break down in the environment and may pose a threat to public health and safety. Working with our partners, we have found some alternatives and are searching for others.

Confidence in Textiles: Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification

Our fabric is approved by EPA and meets the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. The “Confidence in Textiles” label is the world’s best-known and most widely distributed independent quality indicator for textiles that come in close contact with skin. This third party verification ensures our products have been tested for harmful substances. The list of harmful substances we test for can be found here: https://www.oekotex.com/en/manufacturers/test_criteria/limit_values/limit_values.html

Green Mark

Our fabric is an eco-friendly polyester yarn made with 95% post-consumer content. Green Mark certifies our fabric meets major environmental performance characteristics.


One of the most prestigious global institutions, Switzerland-based BlueSign, analyzed the health safety and environmental impact of our textiles and the manufacturing process and we got a GOLD STAR! The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.

Our Love for our Employees

teeki is a tribe and we strive to protect the interests of our members. We abide by international human rights and labor laws. All of our products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain.

We foster an environment that is fun and uplifting to work in. How good are the days when you cruise around smiling and everything falls into place! When we send positive vibes, the universe provides positive experiences. When we live in a place of playfulness, friendliness, compassion and happiness, we truly feel the joy. We have several policies in place to ensure an enriched work/life balance for all of our employees.

Employee Benefits:

  • generous paid vacation time
  • Meditation and yoga sessions offered in house
  • Regular field trips to nature preserves, hiking trails, surf breaks, aquariums, and other enriching destinations
  • Affordable access to global teeki retreats

We pour our hearts and souls into our projects and we work hard for each of our teeki lovers. We are driven to encourage a company culture where our dedication and diligence is supported by a playful approach to performance, and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Our Love for Animals

teeki loves all living creatures on this beautiful earth – humans, plants, and animals alike. We never use animal-derived materials in our products and we never test our teekis on our animal friends! Our teekis are pet-approved, so your besties will love to snuggle up with you and your teekis!


For many of our customers, teekis trek across the highest mountains, the deepest oceans, and the widest skies to get to you. That’s why, in addition to other sustainability efforts, we offer a variety of carbon neutral shipping options through UPS for all wholesale shipments.

UPS purchases certified carbon (CO2) offsets to give you a way to balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of your shipments. UPS has supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

We are committed to reducing our ecological impact, and we are so grateful that you share in this commitment by selecting our carbon neutral shipping.

teeki love tribe

teeki loves to contribute to causes close to our heart. The teeki Love Tribe is a special platform dedicated to helping the world become a more thriving, connected, and loving place.

For our mermaids, seastars, and ocean lovers, teeki teamed up with our pro surfer ocean ambassador, Alison Teal. You can find her “Love the Adventure” teeki x Alison’s adventures pant here. teeki donates a portion of the proceeds from every pant to support Alison Teal and her message of love and sustainability for this planet.

Success Stories

Our loyal teeki lovers are creating a market demand for more sustainable options. Because of this, we have collectively created a higher demand for recycled plastics than virgin plastics; so much so, that plastics manufacturers who plow through fossil fuels are now investing in recycled factories! This is a great sign bringing us one step closer to our vision of a healthy, beautiful earth! It is all connected, just like any eco-system; the ripple effect is powerful. YOU are helping. Thank you!

Take Action

We try to do our part by recycling bottles into the thread that we weave our stretchy hot pants from, but we encourage all of our teeki lovers to be a part of the solution! Avoid contributing to the waste stream. Set an example in your community. Help everyone live with a plastic-free mentality.

Styrofoam is particularly harmful to our environment as it never biodegrades and less than 5% of styrofoam actually gets recycled. It is actually cheaper to make new than to recycle, so most of this lightweight waste ends up in our oceans! We can step up and bring our own food containers AND sign this petition!

Learn about our friends at Sustainable Surf and Waste to Waves that have programs in place to recycle styrofoam into surfboards!

Our Friends

We lead by example. We don’t just want to leave the Earth better, we want to encourage and motivate others to do so as well. That is why teeki supports various non-profit organizations dedicated to ocean conservation, ending plastic pollution, and protecting marine life.

Save The Mermaids is a pod of mermaids that act as ambassadors to the sea by educating our community about human-sourced ocean pollution and advocating for behaviors that benefit the ocean environment.

Heal The Bay is a non-profit environmental group working to restore Santa Monica Bay.

Sustainable Surf is a California-based non-profit charity organization founded by social entrepreneurs. They seek to be the catalyst that transforms surf culture and industry into a powerful community that protects the ocean playground.

Waste to Waves is an exciting new program by Sustainable Surf. It’s for recycling lots of different waste materials into new, “eco-friendlier” surfing products.

Fight for the Reef aims to raise awareness of the industrialization occurring on the Great Barrier Reef’s coastline.